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It's all about colour 

As some of you may know, I was included on the Sasha Twinings show with Alun Newman on Radio Solent.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such an interesting discussion and hope it helped answer some of your questions.

The subject was based on colouring hair and what effect it has on ones hair and its condition. The difference in the shop bought range and the professional range, that being the products used by a professionally qualified hairdressers.

For those of you considering embracing a radical colour change, please do consider having it done by a professional.

There's a number of steps to take into consideration. The strength of the peroxide used determines how light you'd like to lift your hair. The darker natural coloured hair may need to take more steps than say a lighter hair would. The different shades/tones it will change or need to be changed too, to determine a finished colour.

As well as maintaining the health and elasticity of your hair fibre, moisturising the hair after every shampoo is also important if you want the tinted hair to last.

I believe the interview is available for 29 days so you can catch up with it now.

Enjoy your day and take charge of your hair ☺️ 

If you have colour damaged hair please feel free to contact me now! 

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